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It's done! The second volume of the Wormworld Saga Book Edition if fully funded on kickstarter.

We've even reached a first stretch goal that added a double-sided poster to all book rewards!


Help us to reach even more free stuff for everyone at kickstarter!

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I'm proud to present the next chapter of the Wormworld Saga:

Chapter 7 - Fateful Encounters

Again I have posted my favorite panel artwork to my gallery and I hope you enjoy it!

Please also have a look at my new kickstarter campaign where you're able to get an English book edition of the Wormworld Saga.

The goal of the campaign is to fund the production of Volume 2 but you can also get Volume 1 there.

Thanks for your support!

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This weekend the backers at kickstarter managed to reach yet another stretch goal which added more freebies to the book:

You now will get a signed bookmark and a free 1-year-membership for The Attic, the subscription area of

The ultimate goal of the campaign now is to realize the Deluxe Edition, a clothbound and gold embossed edition of the book. We're almost there:

It looks like we'll make it there before the campaign ends and I want to point out that if your fanart is chosen for the book you will get a free copy of the Deluxe Edition!

Become a backer on kickstarter! Link:

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Today we've reached 150% of the funding goal of the Wormworld Saga English Book Edition kickstarter. This unlocked a new Freebie for all backers and the $25 book rewards by now has become a real bargain:

We're already shooting for the next stretch goal which will add even more freebies to the package including a free 1-year-membership for "The Attic", the subscription area of the Wormworld Saga website. 

If you'd like to join the rank of the backers you'll find the campaign here:

I'm really trying to get this book in as many hands as possible and with as many freebies for everyone as possible!

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I wanted to thank everyone who checked out my latest chapter of the Wormworld Saga and the kickstarter campaign that launched with it.

We've recently reached the funding goal on kickstarter and this means the first English Wormworld Saga Book will become a REALITY!

Now I'm looking for fanart from international artists that I can feature in the book. Have a look:

You can find more details about the submission process here:

I would love to receive your fanart!

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I'm happy to announce Chapter 6 of the Wormworld Saga here on Deviantart!

The took me a lot of time - 715 hours, to be precise - to create this new chapter and it absolutely shows in the result. To read the story please go to:

I've not only launched a new chapter but also a kickstarter campaign to fund the first English book edition of the Wormworld Saga:

If you'd like to collect the story in book form, please consider to become a backer on kickstarter. Here's the link:

The Worworld Saga Book Edition - Volume 1

And I've got another link for you. For the first time I'Ve had a live-streaming event during the launch of the new chapter. It was a fun ride and here's a recording of the 2 hour session:

I hope you enjoy the new panel artwork that I've uploaded to the gallery. As always, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

Daniel Lieske
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I'm happy to announce Chapter 5 of the Wormworld Saga here on Deviantart!

It has been quite some time since the last chapter. My wife and I had a kickstarter campaign at the end of last year and invested a lot of time into the launch of the brand new online shop that you can find at the Wormworld Saga website. Besides prints we're also selling T-Shirts, bags, a plush toy and a wonderful wooden sword replica among other cool stuff.

I'm really happy with this chapter as the story finally progresses into regions that will hold real surprises for the readers.

Thanks for all your encouraging comments here on Deviantart. It's always a special thing for me to pick my favorite artwork and present it here.

Enjoy the story!

-Daniel Lieske
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Four months have passed since my last update and its time for a new chapter of the Wormworld Saga!

Jonas' journey leads him to the sunken city of Ankal Aasha where he meets Raya's mysterious master Janaka Jiiva. The old wise man has already been waiting for Jonas and introduces him to the ancient legends of the Wormworld. Jonas finds out that the important role he himself plays in them will determine his fate.

If you enjoy the artwork and are interested in the story, visit to read it completely for free!

On to the next chapter!
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Hey, it's time for a Wormworld Saga update!

Chapter 3 was released a few days ago and I finally found the time to upload my favorite panel artwork to my DA page. Now you can enjoy the artwork without the word balloons and a lot of the featured artwork is shown in higher resolution, too.

I hope you enjoy the artwork and please visit if you are interested in the story, too!

BTW, the next chapter is planned for August.

Daniel Lieske
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I'm finally able to announce the next chapter of the Wormworld Saga Digital Graphic Novel here on Deviantart! I've just uploaded my favorite panels to the gallery and I hope that you enjoy them!

2011 has been an exciting year for me. After the success of the first chapter of the Wormworld Saga I really wanted to invest more time into the project. In July I decided to quit my job and just give it a try. I worked 3 months on Chapter 2 and the plan for this year is to release at least three new chapters. Chapter 3 is scheduled for March/April and I can't wait to introduce you the wonders of the Wormworld in it.

2012 is going to be exciting and you'll see a ton of new art from me this year!

Thanks for all your nice comments and enjoy the art!

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This is an exciting day! I decided to launch a campaign on If you haven't heard of kickstarter yet, it's a website where you can do fundraising for creative projects. My goal is to raise the money to develop the Wormworld Saga App - an app for tablet devices and smart phones which will feature the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel PLUS exciting special features. The app is planned to become a product that will allow me to work fulltime on the Wormworld Saga and thus enable me to create four chapters every year (instead of only one chapter).

Please consider to support the Wormworld Saga App on! There are attractive rewards for backers! Here's the link:…
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One year has passed. A year so full of work that I'm really happy to finally lean back a bit and let you enjoy the friut of my effort. I launched the Wormworld Saga Online Graphic Novel two days ago and today I have uploaded my favorite panels to my DA gallery so that you can enjoy them without the word ballons. But you better read the online graphic novel first or you will find spoilers! Here's the

I hope that you enjoy the story. It just starts here and I'm working hard to deliver you the next chapter as soon as possible! Well, that's ... in a year!:O_o:
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That was ONE busy year. I'm a bit exhausted I must say. In January my wife, our two cats and I moved into a new house, the company I worked for broke down and I had to find a new job, the car had to be replaced by a new one and, as if that wouldn't have been enough trouble for one year, I also decided to create a new website which alone took me 8 month to finish.

The massive encouragement from the Deviantart community that overwhelmed me when I joined here in November, came at the exact right time and helped my to activate the last reserves.

I'm just trying to relax a bit in these last days of 2009. Well, that was the plan at least. Yesterday it turned out that two good friends are getting married in two days and we'll improvise a trip to Berlin tomorrow. Who needs to rest, anyway!

I uploaded three paintings to the gallery and if you are curious what I created throughout 2009, I have compiled my favorite artworks into a new exhibition on my website.

I'm now getting ready for my first big project in years: 'The Wormworld Saga' Online Graphic Novel. Man, I'm curious how that's going to turn out!

I whish everyone a happy new year!
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Ok, I'm totally overwhelmed by the response I get from all of you. I mean, over 8000 pageviews in three days - are you kidding me?! I received nearly 500 comments in this time.

The thing is, that normally I'm a guy who wants to reply to feedback but the pure mass here makes it impossible for me to do this and that r e a l l y  unnerves me. So, I'm using this journal entry here to give a collective feedback. I hope that you understand that.

Now, I'm really happy to get so much feedback to my work, especially to 'Welcome to the Wormworld'. Some of you, who visited my website, already have found out that this piece is related to a story I'm writing. I really care about this story and I currently plan to create an online graphic novel from it. I will keep you updated on this project, rest assured of that.

I started the new website three weeks ago and, to be honest, at first I thought by registering here at Deviantart I could just get some more hits on it and that's all. Well, although that worked out pretty well so far I want to tell you, that I really appreciate the feeling of community here and that I would feel bad if I would not give something back. As I wrote above, it's really hard for me to not be able to give feedback to all of your comments. But when the rush from the Daily Deviation feature ebbs away and the number of comments reaches a normal level, I will be happy to reply to your questions and feedback. Also, I will use my Deviantart page to keep you updated on my projects and my recent artwork.

For a moment I wondered if it might be a good idea to load more of my old artwork into my DA gallery. I decided not to do it. I don't want to dump too much of my old stuff here. I might find one or another darling from my archive and add it to the gallery but overall this page is supposed to be a place with fresh artwork and I really want to concentrate on the future and not so much on the past. However, if you are interested in more of my older artwork - which reaches back to 1998 - I invite you to visit my website where you'll find a retrospective of the last ten years among other exhibitions. Here's the

I've received several print requests over the DA print service. I've had not enough time to check out this service yet but I will as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can purchase prints of some of my paintings on my website.

Ok, that's it for now. I'll be giving a ZBrush Workshop in the next three days and therefore won't be around. please enjoy the artwork and check back for updates in the future. I've made myself comfortable here at Deviantart and I will now check out all the great stuff that's around.

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On Saturday I did not yet know what people were talking about when I read "DD" in several comments in other people's galleries. And now, two days later, "DD" seems to have happened to me and hundreds of people show up here and leave their comments. That's really awesome! I feel honored and happy and it's great to having found so much people to share my art with.

Well, enjoy the artwork!
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This is my first day at Deviantart. I yet have to find out how everything works but I can say one thing for sure: I enjoy it already!

Thanks for coming by and visiting my page!
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